Kuroneko – the ultimate Asian food/K-POP/Anime store in the Baltics! 🌟 Discover the tastiest Japanese snacks and drinks, grab K-pop idol merch, or find that perfect anime character figurine you’ve always wanted. Your one-stop destination for all things Asian culture and flavors.

Napalm Kitchen

Napalm Kitchen is a growing project created with a sincere passion for hot sauces and spicy cuisine. We experiment with flavors, choosing the best ingredients – rare peppers from around the world, local berries and unusual tropical fruits. We use only the highest quality natural products and pride ourselves on transparency in our production. There is magic in our mission – to unite different people around a common passion. We strive to make hot sauce not only an element of the culinary experience, but also a symbol of community, where diversity and difference are celebrated and the love of spicy is the value that unites us. We are optimistic, we are growing and therefore are open to suggestions, which we will definitely take into account when creating new sauces. We have a lot of plans! Join our fiery journey and we will do everything to please you!


COMICS.LV – a paradise for comic and manga enthusiasts. A vast collection of books, graphic novels, action figures, and all sorts of merch ALL in one place. 📚🎏🎨 Explore your comic world at Comics.lv!


GlowStation is a European distributor of Asian skincare and makeup products.

GlowStation is subsidiary of Orien Trade.

Orien Trade OÜ is the exclusive representative of many well-known Korean and Japanese beauty brands in European countries, including brands such as It’S Skin, STAY Well, Missha, Holika Holika, COSRX, Beauty of Joseon, Too Cool For School, Saborino, Momo Puri and others.

paaw shop

The PaawShop provides a diverse range of products, encompassing items related to popular anime, movies, and games. Explore our selection, which includes products inspired by Chinese novels and anime, along with a collection of exquisite jewelry, accessories, and impressive, high-quality 3D printings.



Anix is an Asian goods store! We delight you with anime merchandise, the tastiest sweets and drinks, and also in our Anix café, we prepare unique bubble teas that you won’t find anywhere else! See you at J-Tsoon.


MiOhi – the store where you can find everything from plush toys to beverages and tiny figurines of your beloved characters. Be sure to explore Pumpkin Fest commercial zone in search of treasures.👀

anime san


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