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Important changes to the ticket system!

After the selection process, participants must purchase their tickets and confirm the purchase with the event organizers by the deadline of October 7th, 2024. Failure to do so will result in the team offering the vending spot to the next potential participant. (Please send a confirmation screenshot to art@j-tsoon.ee or a message with the email address you used to confirm the purchase. This will help us verify your participation.)

1. About

  • Artist&Crafters (A&C) Alley is a creative vendor marketplace where creative people have an opportunity to sell their handcrafted goods or items with their original pieces, those can include: stickers, acrylic keychains, prints, original artworks, handmade toys, creations made from epoxy resin and many more.

2. General rules  

  • Submitting an application does not guarantee 100% participation in the A&C Alley.
  • A&C Alley must offer only high-quality goods in sufficient quantity to fill their table. If you don’t have enough items, you can share your table with another participant. (If two participants share a table both have to provide links and example of their works)
  • A&C may arrange their merchandise on the table or in the area around, as long as it doesn’t obstruct other participants or visitors. 
  • Inappropriate content, violence, and offensive content are prohibited at the event. 
  • Mature (18+) content is not allowed to be publicly displayed at the event.
      • Mature content should be concealed, covered with a sheet, pixelated, or masked in any other way. 
  • Selling beverages, drinks, snacks and food at the event in A&C Alley is not permitted. 
  • Artists&Crafters and their assistants must be polite and respectful to their colleagues, visitors, organizers, volunteers, and everyone present at the event. 
  • 90% of the items on your table must consist of products created by you or represent your original works.
  • Selling any goods within the event premises is permitted only by individuals who:
      • Are participants of the A&C Alley, Flea market or Commercial zone.
      • Have undergone prior selection and approval to participate.
      • Have been provided with a table and/or a specifically designated selling space by the event organizers.
  • Each participant of the A&C Alley is provided with only one table per submitted application.
  • During the event the A&C Alley participants are required to bring their own cloth to cover the table. Covering your table with a cloth is mandatory! (approximately 180cm)
  • When submitting applications, please ensure that 90% of your merchandise matches the participant type you have selected (Artist or Crafter).
  • When submitting images or links for review it must be clear what type of items you will be selling at your table. Insufficient amount of information may result in rejection to participation in the upcoming A&C Alley. (Photos of your previous set-ups are greatly appreciated and help with the selection process)
  • For violation of those rules, event organizers reserve the right to request that you leave the event without compensation for the entrance ticket.

3. Participant Selection Criteria:

  • All Artists and Crafters, who have properly completed and submitted their application by the deadline of September 1, 2024, at 23:59 will undergo a selection process by the event organizers.
  • The number of participants in the A&C Alley is limited!
  • All participants must provide links to their portfolios, examples of their work, or images of their previous setups at conventions. The portfolio should demonstrate your current creative/artistic skills and showcase the items you plan to sell at the event. At least 90% of the products must be created or conceived/drawn by you. Participants must provide enough merchandise to fill their table.
  • All links submitted with the application, including those to your social media or Google Drive forms, must be in working condition and have proper access permissions for the A&C Alley coordinators.
  • The event organizers reserve the right to decline any application without providing a reason for refusal.

4. Tickets

  • Artists&Crafters must have a special entry ticket to participate in the event’s A&C Alley. 
  • The ticket will have a designated price and name for the A&C Alley participants. 
  • Each participant can bring one assistant who also must have a ticket and that has been registered. 
  • Artists&Crafters and their assistants will be required to show identification cards or passports and tickets at the entrance.
  • The tickets will be checked during the registration process and will be exchanged for a wristband that provides free entry back into the build all days of the event. Under no circumstances should the wristband be removed.
  • If you remove/discard/lose the ticket wristband after the first day, you will need to purchase a new ticket for the second day of the event. The badge is not a ticket! If you wish to remove the wristband on the evening of the first day and then wear it on the second day, do so carefully and under no circumstances discard your wristband!
  • The wristband is valid for the number of days of the event specified in the ticket purchased by you. If you buy a ticket for two days, you will receive a wristband for two days of the event, if you buy a ticket for 1 day – you will receive a 1 day wristband.

5. Registration & Check-In 

  • Participation in the A&C Alley is allowed only for participants who:
      • Have passed the selection process by the event organizers.
      • Have received a confirmation email to their registered email address stating their acceptance.
      • Have been listed as participants. All three conditions must be met.
  • Registration process for A&C Alley participants happens at a designated area that will be marked on A&C Alley map that will be sent out with acceptance emails.
  • Participants are allowed to set up their tables starting from Friday evening or Saturday and Sunday.
  • All tables must be set up before the event starts according to the event schedule.
  • Participants of the A&C Alley and their assistants must carry a badge and bracelet issued during check-in. (details on how to get it will be provided in the confirmed application email) 
  • Artists&Crafters must be present at the event venue no later than 30 minutes before the event opens and must remain at their table throughout the event. If you have a valid reason to leave early, you must inform the A&C Alley coordinator in person or by phone (the number will be provided with the acceptance letter).

6. Responsibility for personal belongings 

  • Artists&Crafters can leave their items after the close of the first day (also at night from FRI to SAT if you will set up your table from Friday), but organizers and venue authorities are not responsible for the safety of your belongings.
  • It is not recommended to leave the table unattended during the event as the event organizers are not responsible for the safety of your belongings and merchandise.
  • If by certain circumstances you need to leave your table for a short amount of time please make sure you have your assistant or another person you can trust to look after your table. Or get in contact with any of the A&C Alley staff members to look after your stuff. (Staff members will under no circumstances sell or interact with your items when you’re gone).

7. AI & Stolen artworks 

  • We are against stolen artwork from other creators as well as pieces generated by artificial intelligence, so it is forbidden to sell products at the A&C Alley that include artwork that was not ethically sourced. We are against AI, so at A&C Alley, it is prohibited to sell any goods created with the help of AI. 
  • The A&C Alley coordinators may request proof of commercial rights or verification that your items are original works, either during the selection process or at any time afterward. Failure to provide this proof upon request may result in removal from the participation list.

8. Additional information  

  • Participants must provide high-quality photographs of their products as well as their logo. We would be delighted to feature information about you on our social media platforms. (Please note that incorrectly named files may result in your logo not being showcased on our social media platforms or website)
  • To ensure that you are featured on our social media, make sure that when submitting your application, you rename all attached files using the name of your store or your pseudonym. (For examples: Cafters-store_logo.jpg, Cafters-store_stuff.jpg) 
  • Each participant will have a personal number and a specific table assigned by the organizers. If you wish to sit next to your friends, please indicate this in your application. 
  •  There is no additional charge or fee for selling in A&C Alley. 

Note: The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules and regulations of the competition to ensure fair selection, maintain order, and ensure the safety of all participants.


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