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The SOLO Dance Competition will take place on Sunday, November 3rd 2024, on THE SMALL STAGE in Kultuurikatel, Tallinn, Estonia

1. Number of Performers:

  • Only 1 performer is allowed on stage.
  •  No backup dancers are allowed.

2. Performance Duration:

  • Each participant’s performance must be between 60 to 90 seconds in duration.

3. Performance Restrictions:

  • Solo performers are allowed to apply for KPOP dance competition.
  • Participants can perform only once (1 time) on stage.
  • Solo Dance competition performers can not apply to DEBUT STAGE dance competition.
  • The organizers maintain the right to control the overall number of performances to ensure a seamless event.
  • Participants can showcase a dance by a Korean choreographer, and the music is not restricted to Korean songs. Additionally, participants can perform any KPOP idol(artist) songs that are not Korean, such as ‘Titanic’ by Jackson Wang or ‘Honey’ by LAY, etc.
  • Live vocals are prohibited during the performance, and all performances must adhere to the format specified in the application.
  • Please note that you can choose only one of the two main competitions—either KPOP or Cosplay. If you choose KPOP, you are still allowed to participate in the “Short Video” and “Photo cosplay” competitions. Cosplay main competition participants are still allowed to participate in the “KPOP in Public” online competition. Kindly choose according to your priorities.

4. Application and Selection Process:

  • Video of the Performance: Participants are required to share a video of their dance rehearsal using any file exchange platform. It’s crucial that participants confirm the access rights of the link, ensuring organizers can view the submitted videos without any issues. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may lead to disqualification from the selection process.
  • There are several popular file exchange platforms that participants can use to share their dance rehearsal videos. Here are some commonly used options:
  1. YouTube: Participants can upload their rehearsal videos as unlisted or private and share the link with organizers.
  2. Google Drive: Participants can upload their videos to Google Drive and share the link with viewing permissions.
  3. Dropbox: Participants can upload videos to Dropbox and share the link with appropriate access permissions.
  4. OneDrive: Microsoft’s OneDrive is another option for participants to upload and share rehearsal videos. 
  • Music: The performance audio track should be in MP3 format, with a minimum bitrate of 128kbps and a sample rate of 44kHz.
  • Reference Picture: Each participant must provide a reference picture of the K-POP group or idol whose dance they will perform on stage.
  • Participants must provide information about any other performances they are involved in. If all the necessary information will not be provided and performance will be selected for the competition organizers have a full right not to change an order in blocks. 

4.1  File Naming Rules

  • Video:  solo_performer name_name of a KPOP artist_name of the song_video
  • Music: solo_performer name_name of a KPOP artist_name of the song_music
  • Reference Picture: solo_performer name_name of a KPOP artist_name of the song_reference picture


  • solo_JTsoon team_EXO_love shot_video
  • solo_JTsoon team_EXO_love shot_music
  • solo_JTsoon team_EXO_love shot_reference picture

PLEASE NOTE! This is only an example. You should not call your team the “JTsoon Team”. This is an example of what the file naming should look like.

Incorrectly named files may lead to disqualification.

4.2. Selection Process:

  • LIMITED SLOTS UP TO 20 performances.
  • Participants will be notified of their selection via the email used for the application.

5. Judging Criteria:

The SOLO competition will be judged by a set of judges who will evaluate the following criteria:

  • Precision: Assess the accuracy and sharpness of movements, showcasing mastery and attention to detail.
  • Choreography: Evaluate how closely the choreography adheres to the original.
  • Performance (Artistry/Charisma/Spectacle): Assess the artistic expression, charisma, and overall stage presence, focusing on how well participants connect with the audience.
  • Overall Impression: Evaluate the collective impact and enjoyment factor, considering coordination, precision, choreography adherence, artistic expression, charisma, and costumes.

6. Nominations: 

  • In the solo competition, awards will be given to the top 3 placements.

7.  Age-Appropriate Dances:

  • It is important that all dances are appropriate for the age of the participant. 

8. Costumes and Stage Appearance:

  • All participants, regardless of age category, must wear shorts under skirts or dresses, and the shorts should be visible enough for judges and spectators to confirm their presence.
  • It is recommended to choose comfortable footwear suitable for dance performances to avoid possible injuries.

9. Organizational Matters Related to Performances:

  • For the safety of performers, the presence of liquids, gasses, or chemicals on stage is strictly prohibited.
  • Clarify any questions regarding music, lighting, and equipment during the rehearsal. No changes will be made during the competition, making attendance at rehearsals crucial.
  • Participants must be backstage by five acts before their performance to inform organizers of their presence in advance. After this, participants are not allowed to leave backstage for other reasons than performing on stage.
  • Solo performers must choose the MAIN CONTACT as their phone number. This is necessary for timely communication with participants if their performance starts earlier or if they are not present at the appointed time, as indicated above. If participants are not backstage at the appointed time and do not answer calls from the organizing committee, their performance will be rescheduled to the end of the block. This rule applies to all participants.
  • Participants are urged to inform organizers promptly if they are unable to attend the event and perform before the start of the competition blocks. After the start of the participant’s competition block, the organizers may not respond to calls and messages due to a busy schedule.
  • Please take these rules seriously. If a participant does not show up backstage at the appointed time, does not notify the organizers, and does not respond to their calls, they will be disqualified, and there will be no ticket refunds.

10. Tickets:

  • Solo participants are entitled to a special discount on a 2-day event ticket. Please only purchase tickets once performance registration is approved by our KPOP Team.
  • If a participant buys an early bird or full-price ticket before the results are announced, the festival has full rights not to refund the ticket that was purchased without a discount.
  • Solo participants are allowed to have only one assistant. The assistant is permitted to be backstage but will need to purchase a full-price ticket.
  • Upon morning registration, each participant will be issued a special wristband, serving as a crucial ticket pass that must be kept from being removed for two days. If a participant registers and obtains a wristband on the first day but loses it the following day, the participant will have to buy a new ticket at the full price. Preserve wristbands to prevent incurring additional expenses.
  • Note that the option to report wristband issues is only available during the festival. After the first day of the event, organizers will not accept complaints about lost or damaged wristbands. 

11. On-site registration:

  • Before proceeding to the backstage area, all participants must complete their registration at the KPOP registration desk, where they will receive their badges.
  • Festival staff may request an identification document from you in case of any suspicion regarding the participant’s identity. This could be a passport, ID card, driver’s license, or student ID.
  • All participants must arrive at the designated registration time, which will be provided in the email after the application is accepted. Lateness may result in exclusion from the list of performers or rescheduling to another day. Registration time will be provided to participants who have passed the selection one week before the event.
  • Assistants are also required to attend the registration process alongside the participants they are assisting. This is necessary for the competition registration and to obtain a badge allowing access backstage. If assistants arrive after the registration period has closed, they will be unable to receive a badge.
  • If, for any reason, participants are unable to participate, please inform us promptly by contacting us at kpop@j-tsoon.ee.

12. Backstage Behavior:

  • Participants must maintain order in the dressing rooms, refrain from scattering personal items, and clean up after themselves.submiss
  • Respectful behavior toward the organizers, staff, judges, and other K-Pop and Cosplay participants is mandatory!
  • Changing clothes and leaving personal belongings are only allowed in specially designated dressing rooms for K-Pop participants. Leaving items in Cosplay dressing rooms or other unauthorized areas is not permitted.
  • If Solo performers do not compete in a KPOP dance competition with a group or duo/trio they are not allowed to use the dressing room on Saturday. 

12.1  Responsibility for Personal Belongings:

  • The organizers are not responsible for any lost items. Participants are kindly asked to take good care of their valuables and not leave them unattended.

12.2 Procedure After the Completion Second Day of the Festival:

  • After the completion of the second day, participants must retrieve all their belongings from the dressing rooms.
  • All participants must promptly vacate the premises 40 minutes after the conclusion of the event on the second day.

13. Disqualification and Non-Selection Criteria:

  • Failure to comply with all specified rules and guidelines
  • Performances that exceed the duration of 60 to 90 seconds.
  • Failure to adhere to the specified file naming convention for videos, and music tracks.
  • Solo performances featuring backup dancers.
  • Solo competitors who entered the Debut Stage competition.
  • Missing or inaccessible video submissions
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for selection
  • Performances that do not adhere to age-appropriate dance rules.
  • Any use of live vocals during the performance.
  • Absence of ID documents during the morning registration
  • Not complying with the costume and stage appearance rules.
  • Being unreachable or not present backstage at the appointed time.
  • Presence of prohibited items (liquids, gasses, chemicals) on stage.
  • Late registration or not completing on-site registration as required.
  • Not wearing the issued wristband or losing it without prompt replacement.
  • Failing to inform organizers in advance if unable to attend the event.
  • Disrespectful behavior toward organizers, staff, judges, and other K-Pop and Cosplay participants.
  • Misbehavior in the dressing room, such as not following the rules, may also result in disqualification.

Note: The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the rules and regulations of the competition to ensure fair judging, maintain order, and ensure the safety of all participants. By applying to the competition, the competitors agree to adhere to the rules. 

For any additional questions, please reach out to our email kpop@j-tsoon.ee.



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