Europa Cosplay Cup

December 1, 2024
Toulouse, France


  • The Europa Cosplay Cup (E2C) is an annual solo cosplay competition which will gather around twenty cosplayers selected in their country from all over Europe.
  • The list of partner events is constantly evolving. Participants are invited to visit the official website of the competition. (http://europacosplaycup.com/)

I. General rules for selections

  • In addition to these rules, participants must comply with any general rules established by the organisers of the selection. Participants should contact them in order to obtain further information on this subject.

2. Conditions for re-using costumes

  • During the selections, the re-use of any costume is authorised as long as it respects the regulations put in place by the organisers of the selection.

  • However, the costumes having been used during a final of a continental or international competition to represent their regions/countries (for example: EC, ECG, C4, CICAF, WCS, etc.) cannot be presented for a selection or during the final of the Europa Cosplay Cup. 

  • Once the cosplayer is selected, the costumes that will be chosen and presented in the finals of E2C can not be used for any other competition before the finals occur. The costumes can be posted online and worn, and are not required to be kept confidential. Work in progress and finished costume media is allowed to be uploaded to social media. 

  • It is allowed to use the same costume in the finals than in the national preliminary but in this case, the participant must at least change the stage performance.

3. Conditions and limit of participation

  • The competition is open to participants who:
    • will be aged 18 years old or over by the start of the event where the final is hosted. 
    • must have proof of citizenship or permanent residency of the selection country.
  • Any participant having questions about this article can directly refer to Cosplay Team for more information.

4. Judge status

  1. Restrictions
    • A person who has been a judge during a selection cannot subsequently participate in any other selection.
    • A person having been qualified during a selection cannot subsequently be a judge during another selection.

     2. Tolerances

    • The same person may be a judge at several selections during the same season. A person who participated in a selection and who was not qualified may subsequently be a judge but will therefore no longer be able to participate in any selection.

     3. Charter of conduct

    • Becoming a judge of a selection from the E2C is not trivial. In addition to choosing a representative for a competition of european scope, the organisers are in contact with many professional speakers: the event hosting the final, the events hosting the selections, sponsors, the press, etc.
    • As soon as a person agrees to become a judge for a selection, he accepts in particular:
      • To be completely objective (by following the established grading criteria)
      • To judge the costume and the performance on the day of the competition, and not the participant himself
      • not to disclose any personal data, private information and/or of a manifestly confidential nature to third parties or on social networks

5. Qualification during a selection

  • For each selection, a participant will be qualified as a representative of a country. In case that the selected representative would not be able to attend the final, a runner-up will also be selected.
  • Any participant having qualified during a selection will no longer be able to participate in another selection.

6. Helper status

  • Participants in the final are authorised to bring one helper into the spaces which will be reserved for cosplayers taking part in the final. However, this access to spaces will be limited to certain hours and certain areas will remain out of access. The helper must spontaneously present themselves to the France Cosplay staff on their arrival in order to obtain more information on the conditions of access.
  • The helper must assume all costs related to their travel.
  • The helper will be able to help on certain specific points insofar as the pose will have been seen with the props beforehand during the rehearsals.

7. Categories

  • Participants may perform in costumes representing characters (official references*) from: 

    • Asian animes and mangas
    • European cartoons and comics
    • American cartoons and comics
    • Video games
    • Movies or TV series
    • Sentai or Metal Hero


    *appears in an official work or published by a professional editor

  • All costumes from Trinity Blood, Scissor’s Crown or Sakizo for example must be submitted for validation by France Cosplay.

  • In any case, after selection, all of the representative’s costume choices for the final must be subject to validation by France Cosplay. 

  • Furthermore, the staff of France Cosplay during the final cannot transport, push or support the costume. No aid on stage being authorised, the representative must therefore provide a costume which can be mobile and stable without any human help; except in the case of duly justified medical problems.

8. Performance duration

  • The participant’s passage on stage during the final is limited to 2 minutes. No derogation will be authorised.

9. Restrictions

  • For security reasons, are prohibited from use under penalty of disqualification, or even prosecution:

    • Cutting weapons: any offensive or cutting weapon made of iron or steel, such as daggers, swords, machetes, knives, bayonets …
    • Firearms: any weapon that fires explosive cartridges or projectiles, such as rifles, pistols …
    • Incendiary weapons: any weapon intended to set fire to objects or cause burns to persons
    • Liquids: any liquid product regardless of its composition
    • All products likely to dirty or deteriorate the stage or the room: firecrackers, smoke, flour, confetti, glitter …

    Are also prohibited under penalty of disqualification:

    • Purchased costumes: Only costumes made by yourself (and/or with the help of your entourage) and with an artistic interest are accepted. If in doubt about a costume bought but customised, please contact us
    • Any object or gesture with a racist or pornographic nature
    • Any object or gesture that provokes or incites violence


  • Smoke machines are not allowed for safety reasons. A small system integrated into the costume can be accepted under condition and authorization in advance (this system will also be tested on site).

  • It is absolutely forbidden to finish the costumes during the activities in France or during the event. If any staff member notices this rule being broken, it will be communicated and 50% of the points will be removed. It is allowed to fix any broken part, but the costume must be finished.

  • The use of automated production tools, such as 3D printers or embroidery machines, is limited to 50% of the total material that makes up the costumes and props taken together. 

    • The participant using these tools will have to detail to Cospop, in the WIP file that he/she will have to constitute, the data creation process and the corresponding images showing that he/she is the author of the data. If a participant exceeds the 50% limit mentioned above, this will have an impact on the scoring.

All rules regarding Finals could be find at E2C site: http://europacosplaycup.com/#rules.

All questions regarding qualifiers could be send to cosplay@jtsoon.ee email directly.


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