Cosplay at j-tsoon


Cosplay is not just a hobby: 

it’s an art that allows you to bring to life characters from your favorite anime, manga, video games, and other aspects of geek culture. This phenomenon emerged in Japan in the mid-20th century and quickly gained popularity worldwide!

At the J-TSOON festival, we pay tribute to this unique art by providing participants with the opportunity to express themselves through cosplay and share their passion with fellow enthusiasts! 

We offer various activities and cosplay masterclasses where you can learn more about costume creation, makeup, accessories, and other aspects of this fascinating art form.

At our festival, everyone can find something for themselves, whether you’re a cosplay novice seeking inspiration and knowledge or an experienced cosplayer eager to showcase your work and meet like-minded individuals. 

We value the creativity and individuality of each participant and create an inspiring atmosphere where everyone can feel at home!

Our main program includes the long-standing Cosplay Contest, one of the highlights of the J-TSOON! Over 100 cosplayers compete for prizes in various categories such as Craftsmanship, Performance, Best Original Character or Debut! 

And the best participant of this year will have the opportunity to represent Estonia at the Cosplay World Masters (CWM) in Portugal and Europe Cosplay Cup (E2C) in France!

In addition to this, we are proud to offer at our festival:



Cosplay Masquerade – an event mainly for beginner cosplayers or those who just want to have fun, where everyone can sign up and perform on Sunday!

You’ll need to showcase your costume and strike a few poses in 15 seconds! Grab a friends or go solo: Cosplay Masquerade have friendly rules and we’re welcoming everyone to join us!




Cosplay Short Video Contest – a real explosion of creativity and energy! This is a new contest, unlike anything seen before in the Baltic countries! 

Participants create videos, embodying their favorite characters in lively and dynamic formats. From dances to dramatic scenes and creative lip-syncs – everyone will find their style and the opportunity to bring their ideas to life. Get ready for a flow of inspiration and amazing performances! 



The return of everyone’s favourite Cosplay Photography Contest – art in every frame! 

Participants – models or photographers – submit their works, showcasing cosplay from new perspectives and bringing characters to life. The festival will feature the works of the best participants and each visitor will be able to choose their favourite! 

It’s an opportunity to capture the beauty of costumes, makeup, and emotions in photos, refining each shot through editing, which will be appreciated and evaluated by both the jury and the audience. 

Immerse yourself in the world of cosplay through the camera lens and let your creativity shine!


Join us at J-TSOON and unleash your imagination!


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