Hooligan bubble tea

We are passionate, free and untamed bubble tea lovers who want to encourage others to live colorfully and carry out creative experiments. An end to boredom and routine – become a part of the bubble of our benevolent hooligans, who want to leave a positive mark not only on the urban environment, but also on people’s souls, hearts and actions! Our bubble tea recipes have been created by the best Latvian bartenders, offering their best interpretation of this versatile drink. We use the highest quality original Asian raw materials in our drinks, which we complement with all kinds of drinks, adding a pinch of local flavors at the end, which is our unique signature. High-quality ingredients, carefully prepared recipes, quick service and an energizing environment – HOLIGAAN bubble tea has everything you need to enjoy small pleasures that give you an unimaginable amount of energy!

Njami Corndogs

In Estonia NJAMI is the first street food cafe offering Korean Corndogs. We have been working in Tallinn for a year and a half and received many good reviews and loyal fans. CORNDOG is a modern, fast food and various fillings allow everyone to try them and have an interesting food for both children and adults

VanaHai Bubble Tea

Welcome to VanaHai Bubble Tea, where we transport you to the vibrant streets of Taiwan with every sip. Our bubble tea store is renowned for its commitment to authenticity, sourcing the finest ingredients directly from Taiwan to ensure an unparalleled taste experience. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our signature bubble milk tea and premium teas, crafted with a dedication to quality that sets us apart from the rest. At VanaHai Bubble Tea, we not only offer an extraordinary taste journey but also invite you to customize your own experience with the first-ever buffet-style bubble tea service in the area, creating a truly unique and unforgettable beverage adventure.

Luchador Churro

Churros are a popular street and festival food in Spain, as well as Portugal in their former homelands in Mexico, Latin America, the Philippines and elsewhere.


Kooker brings joy – quite literally and in every possible way. We bake small, chubby mini-pancakes that tantalize the taste buds and bring smiles to our guests, both young and old. Wonderful flavors, a delightful process, cheerful street cafés, and a playful atmosphere create joy and positive energy, making life happier and better. Kooker is always fun and whimsical – I smile at you, at the pan, and to the whole world.

sushi donut

yui resto


Anix is an Asian goods store! We delight you with anime merchandise, the tastiest sweets and drinks, and also in our Anix café, we prepare unique bubble teas that you won’t find anywhere else! See you at J-Tsoon.


Korean Restairant

yumcha bubble tea

YumCha aims to bring the true essence of the bubble tea experience from Asia. We’re the only brand in the Baltics serving homemade tapioca pearls.

This time, we will bring a special drink to J-Tsoon5 – Hong Kong–style milk tea!

Don’t miss out on the event special! See you around 😉


NuFace serves authentic Chinese noodle and dumpling dishes and baozi, prepared by Chinese chefs. If you’re curious to find out what people in China actually eat, come and have a taste. Our menu includes vegan dishes.

Nuface is located at Ülemiste City and Balti Jaam market.
Boba, Chinese bubble tea. You can call it however you want but one thing is sure: the world of boba is endless. And it is awaiting for you at Balti Jaam Market. Mamahuhu is the name.

boba koda


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